Finance - Automatically Add Invoice Item per student attribute ?

First , thank you for this software and making it open source, the learning curve is quite steep but I’m trying my best :smile:

I don’t know how general or specific this discussion can be, but here’s the picture : We would want Gibbonedu to automatically add to a student invoice, items regarding the courses he decide to join.

So at the bare minimum we could link a fee to a Course/Department, but it would be even greater if we could add discount on any student attributes (in our case, if the student is a member of some club then apply a discount, or if subscribed in the school for more than a year etc.).

In our case, I don’t think we could use Roll Groups to do that because this concept does not exist for us and every student is free to take any course he wants. There is no global year per se, so this is the only solution I could think about


Hi bungerh, welcome to the Gibbon community and thank you for your kind words.

It sounds like, as you’ve mentioned, your school aims to use Gibbon a bit differently than it is designed by default. In this way, the finance module by default doesn’t do the specific functions that you’re looking for, since fees in many schools are paid per year or per term, rather than per course. I think you may still be able to use it this way, either by setting up fees for each of your courses, or by using multiple ad hoc fees per invoice. For example, to apply discounts, schools will often setup a fee called “Term Fee” and then another “Term Fee Family Discount” and apply the discount to the second fee, which is given to specific students.

Another option, since Gibbon is open source, is looking to extend it and add the functionality you need. If you have access to a developer, they may be able to learn how to add this to the codebase. Another option is Expert Support via, which may be able to offer sponsored development, depending on the scope of the changes.

Hope this helps!