Field Ordering

Hello Admins,

May I please know the process to change the field order?
I would like to move the extension field to below the “Phone Number” field on the “Add Facility” form.


Hi achief,

This is an interesting question, and at the moment the only solution is to edit the relevant interface file…but do keep in mind that such core hacks are overwritten on update.

Can I ask about your motivation for adjusting the ordering of fields? In our experience this admin page is used by a relatively smaller number of users…system and school admins in general.



The question is just based on logic, that a phone number comes first, and the extension second.

However, I am seeing that the notes under “Extension” refer to it as an internal phone number (which would likely be used more frequently by school staff than the external phone number. However, it is good to know that any field order in the forms are hard coded into the interface file. So, I revoke my original request about the field order.