Field content not translating for some fields, and not responding to String Replacement either

How are you?

I’ve found that in the Student Application Form (under Admissions) the content of some fields (list boxes or radio buttons) translates well, but others don’t.
In the Form, while you are entering the Application they show translated to the selected language, but after you submit the Application, and go to Admissions/Manage Applications, and select to visualize or print the Application (the magnifier icon and print icon), some fields show untranslated values.

For example, the values of the following fields remain in English even when another language is selected:
First Language (Spanish)
Relationship (Mother)
Privacy Statement (on)
Send Invoices to (Family)

I tried to use String Replacement with Whole and Partial replacement (just in case), and it does not work for these fields.
I have successfully used String Replacement for other labels and texts in the system, but for these, it seems not to work.

Just in case it got lost in the explanation, it happens when you try to visualize or print the Form. If you edit the Form the values show correctly translated.

Thank you

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the heads up. Since the form is built dynamically it looks like some fields needed to be tagged as translatable. I’ve added the fix to v25 here:

You are welcome Sandra!!
I’m glad I could be of help! And I wish I could be of more help.
I’ve taken a look at the code to see how far I was from being able to do some contribution at that level, and I bounced :blush: .
Sadly, for now, I’m not close to being able to work at the code level.
I think that to be able to get to that level I would probably first need to understand, the programming flow that is used. (the architecture of the application, patterns used, and that sort of thing)