Fees collection

Ross, let me start by thanking you for this wonderful software. Its really great and have been looking for something like this for so so long. Its so easy to use and the interface is inviting. Kindly explain to me how I would go about fees collection. Am able to manage invoices, but fees am not able to collect. Thanks

Warichie, thanks for your positive feedback, it is awesome, and very encouraging. For fee collection, this is only available via PayPal. Look under Admin > System Admin > System Settings and you will see some API fields to connect to PayPal. Then, under Admin > School Admin > Invoice & Receipt Settings turn on online payment for Finance module invoices.

Thanks Ross for your feedback. I was just wondering if it would be possible to have a custom made feature for fees collection from within gibbon. Most schools in my region would not be comfortable with the online payment and would rather have students/parents come with bankers cheques to the schools accounts office for billing. Could I send you an email with the requirements?

Warichie, online payment is optional. You can still issue invoices with payment disabled, and just ask parents to pay via some other way (e.g. bank transfer or cheque). Check the Finance settings in School Admin to see how you can configure your invoices. Hope this helps, otherwise we can look at custom coding…but our resources are limited!