Fee Management :Re-usability across Billing Schedule

Hello Team - Greetings.

Per the current design, for each Billing Schedule, the Invoices need to be create from scratch. For ex, for each billing schedule, the invoicees and applicable Fees again need to be mapped.

In many Institutes, the fees remain the same across the Billing Schedule. Recreating the invoices per the mentioned steps is redundant.

Possibly, there should be an option of copying fees from the last Billing Schedule - with “Pending” status by default. Edits can be made wherever applicable and then the invoices can be “Issued”.


Thanks for another good suggestion. This one makes a lot of sense, and so I have added as item 12 to the v14 Todo List.



Hi Ross,
How are you?

Was this functionality finally implemented? (I’ve recently asked a similar question and later on found this post)

Thank you!

Hi Ricardo, in the end this feature was not developed. The capacity and available time to develop new features often depends on the priorities of the school I work in, which is where Gibbon was developed. We try to use available capacity to continue improving and maintaining the system, but this capacity does not cover all possible feature requests. In these cases, externally-requested features are sometimes created and contributed to the project by the schools who need them.