Feature: A Page for News and Events

Dear Admin/Sandra,

It is a necessary feature of all the School Management Systems which is missing in Gibbon. So I request you to add this feature to next version V17.

Looking forward.

Best Regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam,

This is an interesting request, and something I generally think of as being done on a school’s website, rather than in Gibbon. However, Gibbon does offer the Message Wall, as part of the Messenger module. Have you looked at this, as it may help you.

Another option could be to use the Info Grid module, and use String Replacement to change the name to News & Events.

Hopefully these ideas help!


Dear Admin,

Thanks for answering.
Messaging is different as message wall can only appear for max of 3 days. I checked info Grid , but it only provide a title and a link to some website . We can not add description to it…

On school website the new and notices are for other users. There should be this page for enrolled students and parents only.

Could this be done inside gibbon?