Fastfinder not working

I’m having a problem with fastfinder.
I’m using PHP 7.3, Gibbon v21.001
Fastfinder works on localhost but not on my server
I type something in and it says ‘searching’ but does nothing else, not even a ‘no result’.
I’m not sure where to look to find out how it works. Do you have any ideas?

Hi Andy, v21 is going pretty far back, but if it works locally and not in production, it sounds like it is related to your server configuration in some way. One way to test would be to navigate to the fastfinder URL manually to see if there is any error output. For example, http://localhost:8888/gibbon/index_fastFinder_ajax.php?q=testing replacing the URL with your server URL. This should output the JSON result, or perhaps give you an idea if there is an error occurring.