Fails to create a family on form admission

Hi, I’ve created an application form for my students. They fill in the form with basic information, however, some data of the family is omited.
When I click in the green check sign below, it tells me it failed to create a family.

The resulting error print after creation:

The error:
CreateFamily: Missing data to create family

Is there any way to fix this? Not every student needs a family. Since it is a Music school, there are adult students too.
However, I can instruct my users to add their own data as one of the parents of it is necessary.

Hi @pedrohba18 In this case, I would recommend using two application forms, one for students with families, and one for adults without. You can adjust the fields and settings for the student one so that it has all the data required to create a family, and then turn off the family creation in the adult application form. This is one reason the Form Builder lets you create multiple forms.

In this case, for this application form, you’ll need to turn off “create family” in the settings for this form in the Form Builder, so that it doesn’t attempt to create a family.

Hope this helps!

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Hey, thanks for the tip. I’ve created two forms now, one which does not create a family, so it does not have parent data.
However, I still get this error, of missing parent1email:

Is there a way to fix this?

Hi @pedrohba18 I’ve added a fix to v27, found here: Admissions: ensure form submission email goes to the admissions accou… · GibbonEdu/core@e2a9e38 · GitHub You could apply these changes to your codebase by updating the indicated files, otherwise be sure to update to v27 when it is released in April 2024. At this point, the error is an admin-facing visual message, and shouldn’t cause issues with the application data itself.