Facility booking - no option for choosing a person for the booking


When adding a facility booking it does not show an option for choosing a person and it assigns the current user by default.
What if I’m a staff member booking a room for a teacher? Is this possible?

I’m asking this because this is a very common situation.

Thank you!

Hi Ricardo,

By default it adds it for the current user. I can see where it would be useful to book on another user’s behalf, and this would be a fairly straightforward change, so I’ll add it to the development list for v25.

Hi Sandra,
Again, thank you!!
It will be a nice feature addition.

Hi Ricardo, I’ve added this to v25 here. It’s a bit more involved and has database changes, so it’s not backwards compatible to v24, but will be available Jan 20, 2023 when Gibbon v25 is released.