extra admin account

i have gibbon set up i want to add some extra admin accounts to the system
i need these admin accounts to for administration and aslan account for some freelancer to develop custom plugins for me

i dont want to share my master admin details with people so please help me if this is possible option

i have figured it out sorry for the post guys

Hello, I am glad you got this one sorted. I guess you went to Admin > User Admin > Manage Users, and used the Add function, selecting the Administrator role. If you don’t wish to give all admin rights (e.g. perhaps you want to give system permissions but not user permissions) you can use Manage Roles to create a new role (or duplicate from an existing), and then use Manage Permissions to edit access rights. Good luck with your development work!

That’s right Thanks

Hi syamkerai,

From Admin Manage Users you can add Management to separate roles from Admin in manage Users and check Permissions to differentiate Roles. That is what I apply to my school.
I hope it may work for you.