External Assessments and Reporting Cycles

Noble Life Builder,

Please, may I know if is compulsory that the Template Builder has to draw its grade scales from the External Assessment Subjects to Generate the draft report for the Reporting Cycle Subjects? if so, how can we register each of these subjects for Term 1, Term 2, and Term three respectfully under External Assessment Subjets, then how does someone add scales for each Term? or do we treat Reporting scope as a stand-alone Subjects?

Any assistant will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards

Hi Francis,

The templates can draw data from a number of different places: external assessment, internal assessment, reporting cycles, etc. These are determined by the data sources that a template has. It’s not required to pre-enter the data as an assessment, in this case the scopes in the Reporting Cycles are the most common and most flexible way to enter data.

To do this, you can add a scope for Courses to your Reporting Cycle, and then begin adding Criteria. For your first criteria, you may need to Manage Criteria Types and add a new type for the grade scale you’re using. Then, you can add criteria with this type to your report. The criteria determines what types of data the teachers can enter directly into the Reports module. They do this be being given access to a reporting cycle, and then depending on their roles, they may have access to one or more scopes. Each scope will display the types of data they can enter for each student, along with progress bars to help them track completion.

Hope this helps! Be sure to check out the docs for some more info: https://docs.gibbonedu.org/administrators/reports/