Extending Gibbon

Dear Admin,

Thank you for making Gibbon available. I want to extend Gibbon. I want to add report card/sheet, transcripts, and many more. I tried using the starter module to do this but found out that performing the extension requires more than just configuring the manifest file. There is the
js/module.js and even
index.php and
css/module.css files.
All of these files need to be appropriately coded according to the pattern that you used when writing the core or the other modules. I checked the codes in the different modules that came with the core and the additional ones that you provided and I observed that for a code to appropriately work with Gibbon, it must follow a predefined pattern that you specify.

I have some pieces of php codes I want to add that will perform certain functions. Those codes work on blank php files. But I don’t know how they will ever correctly fit into the Gibbon environment. I will be glad if you can provide a “code template” showing how a sample module performing certain task(s) was written to fit the Gibbon environment. Let’s take student transcripts as example or if drawing the architecture of a new task will take too much of your time, then use one of the tasks in the core or additional modules as example.

Also, going back to the core modules/functions, I’m wondering if “resources” and “library” are different from each other. Can’t they be made into one and named library so that people can use library materials? I want to have a central library whose materials can be managed and accessed right on the Gibbon application.

Moreover, I tried creating a “HTML resource”; the system did not proceed even though I filled all fields. How do I move forward from here? I also created a sample “file resource”. I want to remove it but I did not see any button or link for it. How do I proceed from here?

I will be very glad if you provide me with the answer to my request. Thank you in advance.

Hello there, I have posted the above since July 3 and up till today, I haven’t heard any response. Please, help me find a solution to the problem I presented. Thanks.


Sorry for the delay in replying: I am currently on holiday, and Internet access is patchy. Trying to keep the forum up to date, as is fellow community member George Tibbetts.

In terms of coding, we really do not have the resources available to help you with the kind of question you have. I think the best thing would be to find a programmer-for-hire, with experience in PHP to help with this. If you have a specific question (such as “what does this line do?”) then we could try and help. Please try and keep in mind we are a tiny team, trying to do big things, so there are limits to how we can help.

For the HTML Resource issue, it seems this is a bug to do with a PHP Notice we had not previously caught. The fast solution is to disabled on screen error display in PHP’s php.ini file. I have fixed the bug in the dev branch for v11, so you can always get the files changed in the following commit and upload them to your install: they are backwards compatible with v10:


Finally, resources cannot be removed, in case they are already in use by other users. To remove a resource, you would need to do it directly in the database, although this would leave your tag counts out of date.




Did you ever work out the reporting?

Sorry if this is a repost. I am not a coder, so am not sure if this will work. Opensis is open source and has a module for both report cards and transcripts. Maybe this could be modified for Gibbon as this is the only feature that appears to be lacking.

I talked with Ross and he is very open, so just thought maybe another developer might be working on this.

Hi Cam, Ross here. I think this struck a chord with @ross as she mentioned it to me. I think she has another plan up her sleeves (where she keeps many great ideas!), and so I think something in this regard might be in the pipeline soon. Anything you want to add her Sandra? Thanks!