Extend Custom Fields to include "visible/invisible" fields depending on answers

Hello there!

In our application form, we ask parents about siblings at the school. First question: ¿Does the student have others siblings at the school? Then depending on the answer, they would need to fill out the name and grade of each sibling.

Question: are there any plans to include a field type that will show/hide other fields in the form?

Thanks in advance,
Manuel Ruiz

Of course, this would be just so it’s more comfortable for the eye, but this functionality is not necessary.

Our new flexible application form, which is the next major piece of functionality for Gibbon, will likely be able to support this type of customization. The form can also be split onto multiple pages, with data saved between each page, and parents able to save and resume their application. Ideally we will be working on getting this functionality into the v24 development version in the early part of the release cycle, with a final stable release on June 20, 2022.

That sounds awesome!!!