Exporting Gibbon attendance and Google Classroom Integration?

Good day, Gibbon Community,
I am very new to using Gibbon and considering this platform for our school starting off with the attendance feature for our hybrid learning. In addition to the exporting buttons is there a button or area in gibbon to export the attendance stored in gibbon in an excel format?

On another note, does gibbon support integration with google classroom?

Hope to hear from you soon

Hi Javier,

Welcome to the Gibbon community!

Please take a look at our Query Builder module. This allows you to write SQL queries, for things like attendance, and then export to Excel. With a gibbonedu.com Valued Added License, you can access a stock of useful queries that we maintain.

Whilst Gibbon does integrate with Google for single-sign-on and Calendar integration (see Admin > System Admin > Third Party Settings), there is currently no Google Classroom integration, partly as Gibbon offers a range of overlapping features itself.

In future, please try and ask different questions in different threads, as this makes it easier for people to search and use the forum.