Export report criteria data to excel file

Hello team, currently the reporting module only allows us to get the data in the form of a PDF file per student
we wanted to export all the data submitted by teachers for a specific criteria

for example if i have a criteria that is a short comment, (teacher’s opinion on the student’s commitment) and all teachers filled the data, and now i want to read every thing about all students in one excel file, (name, username, form group, anser)

is it possible in any way?

Hi Aziz, this isn’t possible directly through the Generate Reports option, as this is highly geared towards creating PDFs, however it is possible by writing a custom query in the Query Builder module. Do you have Query Builder and/or the value added license? I’d be happy to share some pointers on how to make such a query, but the exact code will depend on how your reporting cycle criteria are setup.