Evaluating the Reports feature and Reporting module

I have a number of questions/observations around the Reports feature and one re the Reporting module (by Andy Statham).

  1. Firstly, when creating Reporting Cycles it looks as if Milestones are mandatory, however they don’t have an asterix against them to indicate this. If a milestone isn’t specified and you click create, the “gibbons have escaped” error page is shown.

  2. I’ve created a Reporting Cycle and as far as I can tell it should be active and I have permission to it, I can write reports via this page:

    However this page says “no active reporting cycles”:

  3. When looking at the template page I’m not seeing any available items under the Core tab - did I miss a installation or configuration step perhaps?

    Lastly, the Reporting module by Andy Statham is giving me this error on all sub menu items - I have tried removing, re-downloading and re-activating via System Admin > Manage Modules.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your questions.

  1. Looks like this was indeed a bug. I've fixed it here for v25, which you can apply to your own codebase to make the same fix: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/341ded8e1aec828929658c4822f7f7bc9bbb5d30
  2. Double check that you have added access in Manage Access. As an admin, you will always have direct access through Write Reports, however Manage Access lets you setup the time windows for different roles editing the reports, which will list the reports as active in pages like My Reporting and progress reports.
  3. Be sure to scan your assets once in Template Builder > Manage Assets. This will load in all the default asset files.
  4. The Reporting module was created a number of years ago by a third-party developer. The Reports module is more recent and modern, and designed to provide reports capacity in the core without needing an additional module. We have let the Reporting module developer know about the compatibility issues, but that module is currently not compatible with recent versions of Gibbon.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sandra. “My Reporting” is now working for me - it did relate to Manage Access.

Thanks for the clarification on the Reports feature and the Reporting module. It sounds like the core Reports feature is what we’re after. Would be curious to see what might be in the Reporting module (vs core Reports feature) if the developer happens to do an update at some point in the future.

Re my 3rd question, can I just double check where the core/default asset files reside? I wonder if I may have a config issue in relation to Gibbon reading from the folder. I don’t have any custom assets, just want to load/see the core ones to start with.


Hi Richard,

Just back from the summer break and catching up on some forum posts. For your final question, the built-in template folder for reports is in the /modules/Reports/templates/reports folder. The default location for custom report assets is /uploads/reports/templates (which usually doesn’t exist by default until you duplicate or add a custom template).

Hope this helps!