Errors occurred in populating the database

Im trying to install GibbonEdu on a shared server of Uberspace.
The install works and I can enter the database informations, but than I get this message:

Errors occurred in populating the database; empty your database, remove …/config.php and try again.

What can I do to solve this problem?


Thanks for taking the time to post, and welcome to the Gibbon community.

The installer is failing on the step where it attempts to run all of the SQL statements in gibbon.sql on your database, for one reason or another. If you select to include demo data it is also trying to work through gibbon_demo.sql.

The question is what particular statement is failing and why. One way to check is to look at your operating system MySQL logs. Another is to create a new database using a client (such as phpMyAdmin or DBeaver, and then try and import gibbon.sql into it to see where it goes wrong.

Do you want to play around and see if you can find the cause?