Error with Languages


I’d like help on this error:
[Thu Oct 05 09:17:48.736356 2023] [php:notice] [pid 19] [client 192.168.xx.xx:51015] Uncaught Exception: ValueError - Unknown format specifier " " in /gibbon/modules/System Admin/i18n_manage.php on line 36, referer: http://192.168.xx.xx:xxxx/index.php?q=%2Fmodules%2FSystem+Admin%2FsystemOverview.php

This triggers when I click on Manage Language in System.

My Gibbon is installed inside a docker container with apache base image

Thanks !

Hi @odihamdalaye are you able to check your System Admin > System Check page to see if there are any missing extensions or other issues flagged in the system check? This is an unusual error that I haven’t seen before.


Here’s my system check, the only flag raised is about the mysql collation. I’m not sure this might cause the issue.

Your screenshot looks good (ignore the collation error, its using a newer version of the collation, we’ll update the system check to support this). This did help me identify the issue though, as once I noticed you were using French, I checked the translation files and found an error in the French translation for the Manage Languages page that was causing the PHP error you can encountered. I’ve manually fixed these translation errors, and I’m updating all the language packs today as part of the v26 string freeze, so I’ll publish the fixes for the French language pack as well.

I’ve just updated the fr_FR translation files. If you update your files in the i18n/fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES folder to use the following files, it should fix the issue:

Hi @sandra ,

Replaced the files with the new one, now i got this message:

Uncaught Exception : ValueError - Unknown format specifier " "Line 36 in modules/System Admin/i18n_manage.phpLine 36 in modules/System Admin/i18n_manage.phpLine 85 in src/View/View.phpLine 460 in src/View/Page.phpLine 702 in index.php

Hmm, that is odd, I was able to install and test the translations files on my own server and it appears to be running as expected. Can you double check that the original files were indeed replaced with the new ones? Otherwise, let me know what versions of PHP and servers you’re using, as it could be something else casing this issue :thinking: