Error with Application Form

New parents are unable to use application form. Error message.


Hi Ross is out of town at the moment and has ask me to check in with you.

Are you running version 13 already? I am happy to remote in if needed to help you solve this.

George, Adam’s running v12, but if it takes a code fix, it might need to make its way into the v13 code base too. Please don’t upgrade to v13 as want to keep on stable.

Adam, George can be trusted with FTP details. I’ll WhatsApp you his contacts.

Hi Ross I am seeing V13 could this be the issue?

Might be. Odd. There were some issues with the upgrade, and this might be a relic if that. Can you try and upload v12 from a fresh download, but don’t overwrite /lib/phpMailer. Thanks!

And make sure your FTP client dies not overwrite additional modules and themes!

@amcguigan, turns out the link from your website was to the old Applications Form module folder: as of v12, the Application Form has been merged into the Students module. I have removed the old folder from your install, and you can now update the link from your website, based on the one I will email you. Case closed!

Hi Ross,
After updating to version 12 i am seeing this Application Form error in System Admin-Mangage Module: (1) /modules/Application Form/manifest.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/xxxx/public_html/ Admin/module_manage.php on line 138

(2) Warning: include(): Failed opening ‘/home/xxxxx/public_html/ Form/manifest.php’ for inclusion (include_path=‘:/usr/local/php54/lib/php’) in /home/xxxx/public_html/ Admin/module_manage.php on line 138

Any suggestions?


Between v11 and v12 we moved Application Form from its own module into the Student module. You can just remove the folder /modules/Application Form and then access the functionality under the Students menu entry.

If you take a look at CHANGELOG.txt, you’ll find a section titled Changes With Important Notices that aims to help you understand such big shifts in any release. Best read this before future upgrades if you can : )



thanks much.