Error while uploading homework

When a student uploads homework, they get the following error: Your request failed because your inputs were invalid.

James, can we send me the URL students are seeing, and I will take a look into it. Are other file uploads elsewhere in the system working for you? Ross.

Hello! I would like to come back on the question of James, actually I am facing the same situation when a student wants to upload a link or a file he is getting the same message “Your request failed because your inputs were invalid.”

If I take the same link I can add the homework of the student from the teacher account in the planner, and it is working

This is the message received. Thank you for your assistance ! (I am using V19 )

Hi Pierre, sorry to hear about this issue. I am not able to recreate this on our end, but we are happy to try and help you dig in.

This error messages comes from the codes error1 and error3, which can be generated in the following lines of /modules/Planner/planner_view_full_submitProcess.php:

  1. 52
  2. 73
  3. 97

If you can edit this file to add the letters a, b and c to the end of each return (e.g. error1a, error1b, etc), then you can see which of the lines is causing the return. From there, we can look at why the return is being set.



Many Thanks Ross, but I don’t know how to access /modules/Planner/planner_view_full_submitProcess.php:

I am a very basic user…

Hi Pierre, no problem, we are happy to help. When you first installed Gibbon, how did you load the files onto your server? What kind of server are you using? With this information, I can work out how to help you. Thanks, Ross.

Hello, Many thanks again for your answers, the person who installed for me has been able to fix this problem !