Error when importing Report Values By Course


I’m trying to get some old grade data into the system to test out the reporting module, as transcript production is looking like my #1 factor in SIS selection for next year. I’ve managed to set up my reporting cycle, scope, and criteria. Now I’m trying to upload some grade data for a past semester.

The problem is, every time I try I’m getting the following errors:

gibbonReportingCriteriaID (6) - Each Criteria Name value should match an existing name, target, gibbonReportingScopeID, gibbonCourseID in `gibbonReportingCriteria`.
gibbonReportingCriteriaID (6) - Missing value for a required field.

The errors are repeated for each row in my upload. My criteria target (column 6) in my file being uploaded is Per Student and my criteria name is Semester Percentage. I’m attaching a screen shot of my criteria setup, and of my upload file. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hi ErnestP, looks like you’ve done a great job figuring out the nuances of the Reports system and getting your data setup. The only issue I see is that you’ve set the criteria up using the Year Group scope, where as the importer is looking to attach data to a Course scope, which is why it’s looking for course IDs. If your aim is to upload a semester percentage per course, then you’ll need to create criteria using the Course scope, and use the Add Multiple option to add a Semester Percentage to each course.

Just in case anyone gets similarly stuck, the other challenge I faced was that I couldn’t add criteria to a course scope. It turns out that, to get courses to appear in the list on the create criteria screen, they MUST have year group data. So if you have not added year groups to your courses, you will need to if you want to get this set up.