Error when adding a class: "Your request failed due to a database error."

Hi all,
When I try to add a new class I get the error
“Your request failed due to a database error.”
The website url looks like this:

Any clever suggestions? :smile:

** Fixed **
Ah, it took a while to think of inactive modules:
Enabled the module “Attendance - School attendance taking”
And no more database errors! :slight_smile:

These Monkey cryptic error messages LOL B)


Interesting, glad to hear you got it working :smiley: I took a quick look at the code for that page and oddly enough there isn’t anything specific to the attendance module in there (the attendance setting is just a Yes/No flag) … maybe a coincidence? If you see any other database errors perhaps check your PHP error log and it may shed some light on how they occurred.

Hi Sandra,
Great to have you here! :slight_smile:
Actually I tried a few times to enable/disable and then it worked/didn’t work.
No errors in the normal logs - if there isn’t some special Gibbon log that I haven’t found yet. :blush: