Error on using Modules

Hello, I received an error while using the higher education module (the core is 9.2 but the footer says v10, the higher education module is 1.0.10) whereby, a message was displayed stating that I have no access to that module. This also happened to me while using the messenger module which displayed a critical error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getSignature() (previously declared in C:\wamp\www\academy\modules\Messenger\moduleFunctions.php:21) in C:\wamp\www\academy\modules\Messenger\moduleFunctions.php on line 47
Call Stack

Time Memory Function Location

1 0.0066 572888 {main}( ) …\index.php:0
2 0.2062 2150808 include( ‘C:\wamp\www\academy\modules\Messenger\messenger_post.php’ ) …\index.php:1037


What is now scheduled for release as v10.0.00 (in late June) was originally going to be v9.2.00. The branch name in GitHub has not been changed, hence it was 9.2 when you downloaded it, and 10 when you installed. Are you aware that this is development version? It will be more buggy that the latest stable version (v9.1.00).

For the Higher Education issue, the issue is that even if you have system permissions (e.g. set in Admin > User Admin > Manage Permissions), there are certain actions (such as Manage Institutions, Manage Majors, Manage Students) that you cannot access until you are listed as a member of staff in the module. So, go to Manage Staff in Higher Education and add yourself as staff with the role “Coordinator”.

For the Messenger issue, I cannot recreate this on a clean install of v10.0.00. Can you provide steps to replicate?



Regarding the messenger error. Just go to messenger then click new message

the same error also occurs in the previous stable version

James, I think this is all tied up with the issue I just relayed to in your other post, with your database not having been properly updated. Let’s resolve that and see what happens.

Ok, so database update 101. Do I have to do this manually?

For procedure to update Gibbon, see: Basically you update the code, and then need to update the database. It is not manual, but you need to initialise the update by going to Admin > System Admin > Update.