Error on .csv data import page

This page on my test install throws up errors:


Throw the same errors


Gibbon was originally coded on a server with PHP Notices suppressed, meaning it was once rife with such errors. We went through a big bug squash a year ago fixed as many of these as we could find. Some still remain, on pages we don’t code on much…like the one you have found.

Please send me the exact error messages you are seeing above so we can get them fixed.

For production, it is recommended to turn all errors off from onscreen display. You can always look at the log to see them if you need. For testing, I would turn notices off, unless you are of a mind to report any notices you see to us ; )



Hello my dear friends,
I just installed gibbon. I’m trying to Import users, but l keep getting the following error “Import cannot proceed, as the submitted file has a MIME-TYPE of
application/octet-stream, and as such does not appear to be a CSV file
.” kindly help.

adex00, thanks for getting in touch, and welcome to the Gibbon community. Have you tried following the instructions for importing users?


Sorry I’m replying to this very late, was in a remote town with no internet.
Yes I did, and I used the template from the link above.


That is a very odd mime-type. You might want to Google to see why LibreOffice is producing with this type. What OS are you using? Can you please email the file (even if you just have a row of dummy data, rather than your real data) to so we can have a play with it? v11 imports accept the following MIME-TYPEs:

  • text/csv
  • text/comma-separated-values
  • text/x-comma-separated-values
  • application/

With this one added in v12:

  • application/csv