Error of creating a student using "Form Builder"

I am new to Gibbon. I am evaluating it for possible usage.
I tied to create a simple form, that contains the minimal fields e.g. student name, surname, parent name, parent surname, parent email, and student roll group.
the submission succeeded, but when I accept the application an error message says
There was an error accepting the application form. The acceptance process was rolled back to a previous state. You can review the results below.
Fatal error during CreateFamily: Missing data to create family
Process ApplicationCheck was rolled back

Family Details
Family could not be created!"

the form looks as follows

Is there any documentation for the required fields, that is needed for functionality?
Can we have the required fields hidden with default values when creating the form e.g. student preferred name (default the first name), Roll group set by admin as defaults but not shown in registration form?

Hi Abbadi, my apologies for the wait, it’s been a very busy couple weeks here and the forums are staffed voluntarily in between full-time teaching jobs.

Ideally, the new application form system is designed for you to be able to create a form with minimal fields. It looks like the error you’re seeing about creating the family is related to not having created a student first. Can you visit the Form Builder and edit your form and share a screenshot of the Active/Inactive Functionality list. This may help me narrow down the cause of the error. It’s a new system and there may be some edge cases and combinations that could result in unexpected behaviour.


Thank you sandra for you answer.
Yes I solve the problem partial. It was because I removed the preferred name from the form and keep the first name.
And deep in the settings the preferred name is used to create the username.

The form was not able to create the student when approve the admission.

I found the hints under the form very useful where the expected behavior will be described based on available fields on the form.

Thanks, I’ll double check the code and improve it for v25 so that it can handle using first name vs preferred name, or vice versa, as needed.

I have a few notices in this regard

The settings: I have one big form group. and 3 year-groups and many classes.
I created a new Application form using (form builder v24) where I hide the academic year form group (use them for office use in the properties) and request minimal parent information.

The first problem is the system can not create a second parent, for unknown reasons.
is there a way to figure out why without debugging the code? is it logged somewhere?

The second problem is I can not update the student’s form-group and year-group after creating it.
I tried to accept a student with the default values from the application form without updating those required fields, the student was created. but it is not shown in the student list (I have to check “All Students> Include all students, regardless of status and current enrollment.” to see them).
but when requesting to update there is no option to update the enrollment-related data (at least not in user admin, student )

I will post the pictures down.
here is the parent2 required data

The enrollment data:

here is the admission data

accepting the student

here are the results where the first problem (parent not created) happen

here is the list from student view

here is the profile

and after that, I can not find any place where I can update Year Group and Form Group (the second problem)

this enrollment is happened in two cases where the required data is not available.
1- I tried to delete the academic year and form group fields
2- mark the field as office only to hide it from the form but use it later in the admission acceptance.

my question summary then
1- where I can find out why something is failed, as in the parent not created case?
2- how to update the year group and form a group of a student ( or more generally a user)

suggestion for the future version
1- to have a default value in the form builder’s fields
(currently the option Required, Office Only, Prefill when creating multiple available) to be added (default value)
2- not allowing accept the admission if one of the required value in the form is not set (as in my cases above)