Error message when uploading student data via bulk upload

Good day,
I have run into this error time and time again when importing a file, parent1phone1CountryCode (28) Invalid value: “1868”. Expected: Text (7 chars). I don’t know what I have to do to get rid of this error message except to skip the column. this slows down the process of accepting the students because I now have to go to ever instance that there is a telephone number and enter the country code. Is there a soultion to this issue?

Hi nosaj1705, it looks like 1868 as all one number isn’t a valid country code in the database, however 1 868 with a space in it is the code for Trinidad and Tobago. Perhaps try adding a space to the country code and it should accept it. Hope this helps!

Thanks, I tried it and it works now, no more error messages, but when the file is uploaded and I go to Manage Applications, I still have to input the area code manually along with the Student ID Number. I still have to keep a spreadsheet open with that information to enter into the database.

Hello can l install this software on windows

Hi Teverai, yes, in theory you can install this on a Windows server for production use, or test it on a Windows desktop using XAMPP or similar software. Our team has never run it on Windows, but we know of others who have, and although there are usually some issues to solve (translation being one of them), it generally works. For production, we recommend using a Linux server. Cheers! Ross.