Error in my ggibon: does not allow to send applications

Cordial saludo a toda la comunidad.
Inicialmente, me disculpo por mi nivel de inglés, algunas palabras pueden confundirse. Así que dejo el mensaje original en español.
Últimamente he presentado un error en mi gibbon, al enviar una postulación de estudiante o de personal, deja diligenciar los datos y subir los archivos. Pero, en el momento de enviar el formulario sale error “Esta pagina no funciona” Http error 500. ¿A qué se debe? ¿Cómo puedo solucionarlo?

Warm greetings to the whole community.
Initially, I apologize for my level of English, some words can be confusing. So I leave the original message in Spanish.
Lately I have had an error in my gibbon, when sending a student or personal application, it lets me fill in the data and upload the files. But, at the moment of sending the form I get the error “This page does not work” Http error 500. Why is this? How can I solve it?


In certain web browsers (like Chrome) an HTTP 500 error is used to indicate a PHP error. As such, the best place to start is to check your PHP error logs. If you can find the relevant entry, you can paste it here and we can help you to decipher it.

If you are not sure where your logs are, this varies by operating system and host, and so we might be able to help you if you let us know about the environment that Gibbon is installed in, or you might need to do some Googling to learn more.

Cheers! Ross

thank you for your prompt reply.
Here is the file that appears in the PHP error listing

This looks like an cronjob log, rather than a PHP error log. Can you tell me what kind of operating system or hosting environment you are using?