Error in Module Data Admin

Hey. I installed the Data Admin module and an error occurs when I click on the module. This error occurs in the Gibbon version where it includes some data for testing.

I’m using XAMPP. Gibbon V. 24.0.0 PHP 8.1.6 and MySQL Versão.


Hi Alessandra,

According to the module information on the Data Admin module requires v23 of Gibbon. You are running v24 instead. This may cause this issue. :wink:

Kind regards,

I tested the DATA ADMIN module on Gibbon V24 with the Gibbon sample database and the error does not occur. Only I my test base the error occurs. I believe it is not the version.

Thanks for the heads up, looks like the division by zero error was related to reading the directory of files, which is a bit different depending on LAMP, MAMP or XAMPP server. I’ve published a fix on the Extend page: