Error in CLI Command 'behaviour_lettersNegative.php'

Dear Support Team,

getting error on run CLI Command ‘behaviour_lettersNegative.php’.


Hi @vishalr Yes, unfortunately we found a bug in that script after the v25 release :grimacing: It’s been fixed for the next release, and the updated file can be found here on GitHub (downloadable raw file here). This should fix the error you’re seeing. Thanks!

Hi @sandra

Link takes you to

Should there be links to 2 raw files:

I changed the end of the URL to get behaviour_lettersPositive.php.
I replaced the 2 files in /cli with the raw files but still got the same errors.

Hmm, that’s odd that you’d get the same errors, maybe the links were incorrect. Here are the links to the raw files again, I can see the fix is on line 34 in behaviour_lettersNegative.php