Error 404 during initial install

Hi All, I am a slow on learning this stuff as I setup sites from scratch so infrequently. So I downloaded the latest stable Gibbon files as instructed and unzipped them in a folder called /var/www/pdo on my local debian server. Then instructions just state to run setup by typing ip address/pdo, in my case but just get error 404 page not found. I must be missing loads of steps here but maybe someone can point me to the correct install instructions
thanks in advance for your help

Hi Graham, you sound like you are doing everything right. One thing to check would be the file permissions: using ls -l can you see whether or not the world/other user category has view permissions on the pdo folder and its contents? Do you have PHP installed? In addition, do your error logs (web server or PHP) show anything of use?

Our install guide is linked below, but most likely won’t help much here, but it is possible that the Post-Install Config section might offer some clues: