Enrollment -- Re-enrollment Application

I couldn’t find specifically what I was looking for in the thread so I thought I would ask my questions here. Please forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere.

I’m wanting to see if Gibbon has the option for parents to login and manage their students accounts. This would mean that they can pick and choose classes for their child and update any administration requirements.

I’m also wanting to know if there is an option for parents to login and enroll their child for the next school year. Example: Parent A already has their child in the school for the current school year, but enrollment has opened for the next year. Is it possible to do this? What information/options could be available to them?

Lastly, the application form for enrollment has specific fields. How hard would it be to customize the field labels, add additional fields (field type) and also include document attachments to the application? (Example: Medical Records, academic records, etc)

The idea is to have a parent/guardian account that can “link” or correlate with a student account. Have the parent be able to manage their child’s academics and keep track of their academic progress without having the student to login.

Parent Account: The ability to manage their child’s account for mostly everything.

Student Account: Access to view their schedule and assignments etc. Not be able to manage or make changes to their account.

Hi eswbitto, no apologies needed, these are excellent questions, and I can’t recall seeing them before.

Gibbon’s family structure makes possible some of what you describe, at least as far as a parent logging in and viewing their children’s data, in order to track their academic process. As well as this, parents can be given permission to request updates of their family’s data, in four categories: personal, medical, finance and family.

At the moment parental selection of courses is not possible, but if you check out @ross’s excellent Course Selection module, you can see how it lets students do this…and so adjusting it for parents ought to be possible.

To get started with families, head to Admin > User Admin > Manage Families. You can also import families under Admin > System Admin > Import From File.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.