Enrollment issue with moodle

hey there i have moodle integrated with gibbon and user have account on moodle and gibbon
but now when i try to enroll users from gibbon the changes are reflected on moodle so i can see the enrolled users
the issue i am facing is removing people from the course on moodle there is no way to remove the users and i tried to remove the users from gibbon but those changes do not reflect on moodle
please help

find attached picture of moodle users page in the course(where there is no option to remove the user)

Which version of Gibbon and Moodle you are using.

As I tried to use it with moodle latest but only username shows in moodle other fields remain empty . So Could you share some screen shots of settings i.e Authentication and Enrolement

i am using moodle 3.8 and Gibbon v19.0.00
find attached image
this is the person who i have removed from gibbon but still shows in moodle and i am not able to remove this person because there is no option on moodle

if unenrolling users from moodle course from sms this hard every time then its a issue don’t you think @ghulamabbas92

Yes I think you need to run some cron jobs to accomplish this.

Have you set up crons for this?

If not I will provide you installation.

And please send me external databases settings for moodle for authentication and enrollment as I require these settings.

Could you please share screenshots of these settings.


I have setup the cron jobs as required by gibbon when seting up the plugin
But i dont understand what u mean by cron formthis it would be nice if you help me

@ghulamabbas92 can you please help me thanks in advance i really need to get this working

Ok can you schedule a meeting on zoom?

yes sure what time can we do it and how do i send you the link

@ghulamabbas92 here is the link i am waiting for you if not possible to do it today we can schedule it for tommorow https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75347966167?pwd=bk51YllraUpKUWVIUnNxUlF6czdaZz09

Hi @syamkerai ,
I tried it but it says meeting ID not valid.

Please reschedule it to 25-06-2020 at 1600 HRS (GMT + 5)

Best Regards,

here is my email please send link here mitf11m023@gmail.com

Hi Mind Builder,

Gibbon is a great project, and a blessing indeed to third world countries, am keen to the use of Moodle as a Module in Gibbon but am scared by the stress of having to start duplicating effort all over again of users, courses and learning areas within the same management system that house the same data of users. Moodle has a great feature that will be of a better relief to Gibbon user if the students and courses are exposed to their data in Gibbon, the Admin should please help us out as this will be a huge benefit to some of us whose countries are still under lockdown for COVID19. I also observed that Moodle has a new updated version that can be integrated into Gibbon.

Any urgent assistant will be greatly valued.

Kind regards’