Enrolling students in multiple form groups

Hi there!

I was wondering if it is possible to enrol students in multiple form groups simultaneously using Gibbon.

The above is the substance of my question – I’ve provided more detailed information about our specific situation, with examples, below, in the hopes that it might clarify the question.

I work in admin at a tuition centre where we have most students attending one day per week for a set programme of tutoring in three subjects (English, Maths, and either Writing or Science). However, Year 11s may attend multiple days, depending on which subjects they are receiving tutoring in (Maths, Chemistry, or Biology on Thursdays, Physics on Fridays, and UMAT Preparation on Saturdays).

At the moment we have our Gibbon system set up so that students are enrolled in a form group that is their year level plus the day (Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat AM or Sat PM). Within each form group there are individual classes (English, Chemistry etc.). We record the attendance by form group, which works well for most students.

However, this is causing headaches as some Year 11 students may be enrolled in, for example, the Year 11 Thursday form group and attending Maths on Thursdays, but also attending a Physics class on Fridays. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to record their attendance accurately for the day they are not in the form group for.

In addition, this risks classes accidentally becoming over-enrolled if admin staff are not particularly careful, because a class may appear to have space based on the number of students in the form group, when actually there are students from another form group also attending that day. (E.g. if we want to check the space in the Physics class on Fridays and look at the Year 11 Friday form group on Gibbon, any students who are enrolled in the Thursday or Saturday form group but also attending Friday will not appear, so the class might actually be full but appear to have room.)

We also have issues with a handful of students who have enrolled in multiple year levels (e.g. attending both Year 10 and Year 11 classes) but are only in the form group for one year level.

For all of the above reasons, it would be very helpful if we could enrol students in multiple form groups at once.

Thanks very much for any insights or suggestions!



Given the way Gibbon works, it is not possible to have students in multiple roll groups, and adding this would cause multiple knock on problems across the system.

I wonder for your purposes if you are not better off using Courses/Classes to divide your students up. These can be edited under Admin > Timetable Admin in the main menu and then Manage Courses & Classes in the module menu.

I hope this helps.