Enrolled student

I simulated application of a student and accepted, so i am unable to see the list of enrolled students yet I have checked in the permissions I should be allowed to, another thing is that after sometime a user is unable-to log in, when I check in the users, he/she is denoted under access as “left”

James, for the first question, the student will only be enrolled on accept if the roll group is set in the application form, so please edit the form and set this before accepting. Does this make them appear?

The users who are logging in, do the have an “End Date” set in User Admin? Are you saying they can log in, and then for no reason, at some future point, they can’t log in?

I need to re-activate their accounts so that they appear as “full access”

OK, but what is making them switch from Full to Left? There is a CLI script that does this: have you set it up to run using cron? Details at: https://gibbonedu.org/support/administrators/command-line-tools/