Empty year group at entry

My application form display the ff errors

  1. empty year group at entry
  2. empty form group at entry
  3. empty Day type
  4. unable to add new field with drop list that was because after typing list of item and separating them with [] nothing appears

Hi rabdeel, can you share some more information and perhaps screenshots of what you’re seeing. There are currently two application form systems, the original one in the Students module and the new one in the Admissions module (in Beta for v24). Be sure to let us know which one you’re using and how you’ve configured it.

Hi Sandra, am currently trying use student application or admission form.
I think is occurring at the student enrollment form from the student admission form

So from the picture uploaded, nothing shows in the drop list boxes for Year Group at Entry, Form Group at Entry, Day type. Thank you

please I also want to use prerequisite courses