Emails to Parents not going out for Admissions/Applications/etc

When a parent fills out an application (from the main, before they login page…our parents don’t access gibbon ever except to fill out the app each year…and then not logging on) -

The app should send an email (always has in the past) “we received your app”. It is NOT sending this email - it DOES send the email to admins says “we received someone’s app”.
Once our registrar accepts the app the parent should receive an email “congrats you’ve been accepted” - it is NOT, but again, admins receive the email “we accepted someone”.

Is there a location where these emails need to be turned on? I don’t see anything, don’t remember anything from the past, but it’s definintely not sending parent emails.

@JasonLord Thank you Jason for bringing this to our attention. I’ve just posted an update with a fix:

I understand - I am a DB developer myself. Bugs happen…and unfortunately, sometimes they even slip through testing!

Will this update show up on Softaculous - or will I need to do a manual update?

Thanks for everything

@Sandra -
I don’t think that fixed resolved the issue - but I’ll assume I installed it incorrectly since I normally use Softaculous via CPanel.
I downloaded the update from the site and then uploaded it to my website. I then unzipped it and copied the contents over the existing Gibbon install. Rights were 644 and 755 so appeared correct there and most timestamps were June 7. I opened Gibbon and the first screen was a DB update which I ran. When I logged in, everything appeared normal and it reported 27.0.1.
I applied a dummy student and as their PARENT, I still did NOT receive the “we got your application we’ll get back to you” email. as an ADMIN I did get the “someone applied” email. I did NOT accept the student yet to see if that piece worked, but the application itself is still not sending emails…

I am happy to get on a screenshare if you’d like…but I don’t know timing since I’m in Dallas Texas.