Emails not working

We’re having issues with Admission (thanks for applying, we’ll get back to you) and Accepted (congrats, you’ve been accepted) type emails. [Running latest 25.0 version]

When a student applies, we’re getting SOME but not all emails (for instance, out of 3 students…all in the same family…only 1 email was sent to the admissions administrator). Once she accepts a student, her screen shows “a welcome email could not be sent to John Smith” for each of the 3.

We receive successfully from the test email page, the PHP.Error.Log shows the test emails…but I don’t see other emails at all. It also shows this:
[03-Mar-2023 13:08:41 UTC] PHP Warning: Attempt to read property “id” on null in /home/xxxxx/public_html/J/libraries/src/Updater/Adapter/ExtensionAdapter.php on line 303
[03-Mar-2023 14:26:38 America/Chicago] PHP Deprecated: Required parameter $roleCategory follows optional parameter $specialDayStart in /home/xxxx/public_html/gibbon/modules/Timetable/moduleFunctions.php on line 1124
When I look at the Gibbon logs (System, View Logs), the only logs I see for all time are Login Success/Fail, User Delete, and Import (delete and import were used last year when we first started with system).

Are there other logs I should turn on or look for?

A few other notes…
when a parent registers, we expect them to get the “thanks, we’ll get back to you” email…and us so we know it’s there waiting…we accept and expect to send them the email saying “welcome”. We UNCHECK the box that says “Automatically inform parents of their Gibbon login details by email” when we ACCEPT them, however. Right now, we do not have parent access to Gibbon.

Hi Jason,

It sounds like, by unchecking the email option, then the system is correctly not emailing the parents. The confusion may lie in that there is not a separate Welcome Email vs Login Details email, these are both the same thing. When you choose not to send the login details, it will not email the parents at all.

However, using the newest version of Admissions and the Form Builder, the application process uses SEmail Templates (in System Admin) for all of it’s emails. You could certainly customize the email content so that it is more of a welcome email and doesn’t contain login details.

In this case, be sure to keep the checkboxes checked when accepting the application to ensure the system will send emails. Hope this helps!

L ok. I’ll give that look. I also realized we ( admissions) are only receiving the accepted email… Not the registered email. So my admissions person doesn’t know someone registered unless she checks. We’re on the subscription for everything that seems related. Ideas for that?

Can you help clarify what you mean by the “registered email”, as there should be a notification sent when a new application is submitted, but perhaps you’re using another method that involves the public registration system?

Sorry it took so long to respond.

When a parent applies for the year - we (the school) want to receive an email from Gibbon “New application” - we’re not getting that.

Hi Jason,

That is odd, as those should certainly be sending. Are you using the new Admissions and Form Builder system from v24, or the original student application? Can you check in System Admin > View Logs to see if there are any Email Send logs with a fail status. Another thing to check is in System Admin > Notification Events to check the New Application event has people subscribed to it. By default though, the person set as your Admissions Officer in System Settings should always receive these notifications :thinking:

New Form
No Email Send logs at all
Events have me and Admissions person getting [App Form Accepted, New App Form, New App with Special Needs]
BTW, My admissions person is also classed as an admin

I did find one thing that I’m trying…I noted that specific rights were required to get the admissions emails (Full Student Info or something)…so I made sure that ADMIN had it…I think it did, but I checked everything as there were things it seemed like it should have that could be related - I’ll have my admissions person watch it and/or create a dummy applicant to test.

Sorry - I didn’t scroll - they are also subscribed to [New App Form for STAFF, and New Public Reg for USER]

I have the same problem,
What I noticed on the email provider webpage is that the sent emails were blocked by the receiver’s servers e.g. Gmail server for some reason.
I change the email text in the template then it works.

I still have a problem with the staff welcome email (not on the template but hard-coded on modules/Staff/applicationForm_manage_accept.php).
I change the text but still servers blocking welcome emails.

Ultimately, I unchecked/saved/rechecked entries and got it to work. It also appeared that maybe the settings were not “smart” - like it wouldn’t let me have READ and EDIT access both checked…only one or the other.

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