Emailing the reports

Hello. I just have a question about the new report section in the new Gibbon V19.0.
I was using the stand-alone report module which was able to send reports by email to the parents. My question is can the new included report module also send the reports by email?

kind regards


Hi Brian,

Mostly yes, in the new Reports module there is a Send Notification feature, which lets you notify parents that reports are available. Its somewhat basic and doesn’t attach the PDF report to the email however, but if there was enough interest in this from the community I think it is something we could develop for v20.

The benefit of having them login to access their report PDFs currently is it can track whether a report has been “read” (downloaded) by a parent, which gives administrators a sense of who is viewing the reports online.

Hope this helps!

Hello Sandra, Thank you for your reply. Also thank you for the wonderful reporting module.
I do understand your reasoning, and i do agree with you. However, Not all of my parents have a login in our school. As we are mainly testing the system in the real world and checking all aspects of the system before we roll out it out to all the parents.
So i have asked my PHP programmer to have a look into how we can send the reports by email.
Do you have any advice for him? I can also give you feedback on what he does. Maybe you can use it for your next update?

Once again, Thank you for all your hard work.


Why not getting some inspiration from Andy’s reporting module, where features like emailing and roll over are supported:

Thank you meierrom, That’s exactly what we were thinking. Maybe a morph of the two. I’ll let you all know how we get on.