Email Usernames and Passwords

Hello Gibbon Team!

Is there a tool that allows an administrator to email login credentials (username and password) directly to a student or parent? I can certainly put that into an email of my own, but it would be much simpler to run through the system. Before I started poking around, I figured I would see if I was missing anything.


Hi Kevin, for security reasons Gibbon only stores a salted and hashed copy of passwords, and so there is no way for it to send these out. The only exception is when a student or staff application is created, and relevant parties can be informed of their new account, as the password is still held in the acceptance script.

You could use a spreadsheet to create random passwords for new users, use Admin > System Admin > Import From File to set these to the system, and then a mail merge to email them out. We’ve done this using Google Sheets in the past.


Thanks, Ross–that makes perfect sense. I will experiment with your suggestion and other ideas to see what will work.