Email template creation


There is an “Email Template” option in Gibbon. I saw there are eight core email template. I would like to create more email template for other purpose, for example, customized invoice. However, I don’t see a button to add new template. Or is there another way to create a new template/invoice?

Thank you

Never mind, I found the “template builder” in “Report” section. Start learning how to create template. Thank you.

Hi Yirong, thanks for sharing the answer to your own question : ) Glad to hear that you worked it out. Ross.

Thanks Yirong, the Email Templates are built into the system, allowing customization of emails that are sent through Gibbon. The list is short at the moment, but as we refactor things the goal is to make any email that Gibbon sends into a template.

Thank you, Sandra and Ross, to continue making Gibbon an amazing system!