Email Setup


I hope someone will be able to help,
I need to set up emails to allow staff to receive notifications when behaviour and attendance reports need to be sent, please can someone help me with the simplest way to set up the email function to allow this to happen.


Hi…were you able to solve your problem? If not, the GSuite integration procedure works. This is assuming that you have your school email set up as a GSuite organization.

I have issues with this myself, but my issues arise with my server, not Gibbon. (The host I am using for testing delay mail delivery).

Ok thanks, has anyone else got any other methods no using Google G Suite Integration


@gpsal Do you need assistance with setting up email or sending out notifications or both?

Sending out notifications is my main priority

Hi gpsal,

There are some command-line tools that can be setup to automatically send emails daily/weekly/etc., is this perhaps what you’re looking for:

Setting up the cron tasks will depend on your platform, but there’s likely lots of tutorials out there if you search for cron job setup for your type of server.

Good evening everybody,
I wanted to understand how is the weekly summary email working ? Where can I do the configuration for the parents to receive this email ? Actually I have not understood also how to configure this box down here. I have set the Google Integration with Google App for Education… Should I link Gibbon to Google mail ?

Can you have the kindness to assist me ?

Hi Pierre, long time no see!

The Link To Email setting simple places a link to the school’s web-based email system in the top right menu in Gibbon (up where you see Logout). This can make it more convenient for people to jump from Gibbon to email.

In terms of the weekly summary, it is invoked using a CLI script. This is one area of Gibbon we have actually documented, so you can read more using the link below:

In short, the script can be scheduled to run once a week (e.g. Friday after school), and it will inform parents of homework and optionally behavioural records, from the week. There is a link for parents to click on, to confirm that they have seen the email.

Hope this helps!


Many Thanks Ross! I will ask my IT guy to find out how to run this script.

I am still really enjoying Gibbon, so useful for e-learning in this time of Covid!

Hi Pierre, that is great to hear…but sad that so many have been affected by Covid-19. Stay well!