Email server setup

Hello Gibbon community!
i’m going to install Gibbon v14 on a VPS running ubuntu 16.04.
Could anyone suggest me the simplest server configuration to make Gibbon messenger work properly?
I mean sendmail seems to be enough in order to send mail from PHP via local machine without SMTP authentication, right?
What if I have to use third party SMTP settings? Is sendmail still good?

Hi missj, welcome! Sendmail is a solid place to start, it’s generally simple and reliable. Once it’s setup you can test it using the Messenger module to send an email message. Using the third party settings for SMTP can be helpful if you need to route mail to another service like Gmail or Office365.

Thank you very much Sandra!
Is Sendmail a good server solution even using third party settings for SMTP?
Thank you again and sorry for annoying

No worries, never an annoying question :smiley: I haven’t used SMTP through sendmail myself, perhaps someone else in the community can help answer that.

Our school uses an external SMTP service so I believe the PHPMailer library that Gibbon uses bypasses the php mail()` and sendmail functionality in that case.

@missj I have used GSuite and Office365 myself. They work well, and if you add DKIM Setup in Office365 your emails wont be spammed as they will be signed. If you have issues getting Office365 or GSuite for education let me know I can help you with Application.

thank you very much!!!

HI, Im using Gsuite but no messages are being emailed through the module. I assume the SMTP is working because reset password and notifications emails are successful am i doing something wrong?

Please check my response here: