Email only shows 199 sent

Good Afternoon

We have over 200 students in our database, and the other day we sent emails to all parents with receipt of confirmation and it only showed me 199 emails and the rest i do not see it. So in other words when i check who confirmed i only see 199…
Is Gibbons limited to 199 emails?

Can someone help.


Hi dgago, Gibbon has no limit on the number of emails sent: although, as the number increases, so does the send time, which can cause issues. We are hoping to introduce background-sending at some point soon.

The best way to check is to use the Send Report for the message, to try and work out who is missing. Often this is due to a setting issue (such as not setting Parents from No (the default) to Yes when selecting a target. You can see the Send Report by clicking on the target icon, as shown below:

Let us know what you discover!