Email Notifications upon Account Approval via Public Registration

Hello, I just could not seem to find the interface where I could set to have all account registrants have notified thru email upon being approved of their gibbon accounts?I have enabled the public registration, and students are able to register. However, they just dont seem to receive a notification that their account application has been approved. Is there a way to this via the interface? Or if none, what would be the file I could edit so as to generate an email notification upon approval? Thank you so much.

There is no such interface AFAIK.

I would be interested in such a feature as well! :slight_smile:

Hi Roman, you are right that this would be a very useful feature. Sadly, when I built Public Registration it was for a pretty specific workflow, and that did not include approval. I had time to add approval, but not to flesh it out to this level of detail. Cheers, Ross.