Editing Timetable and Roll Group

We have imported our timetable successfully and also all users but now want to make small changes to the TT such as time and day of classes - eg S4 PE now on Thursday 6 not Monday 1 etc. Also need to edit the roll groups of some kids who have been moved



To edit your timetables, the following three actions in Admin > Timetable Admin will be useful. This saves having to to constantly re-import your TT.

  • Manage Timetables - edit the timetable in question, and drill down to the day and period desired. You can now change classrooms, add participant exceptions (e.g. someone is in a class, but does not attend this particular meeting of that class) or remove the class altogether (perhaps adding it in at some other time).
  • Course Enrolment by Class - choose a class and edit the members of a class, including students and staff
  • Course Enrolment by Person - choose a student or member of staff, and edit their classes/timeable in one place

In terms of Roll Groups, you can edit your list of groups under Admin > School Admin > Manage Roll Groups, and you can manage roll group members under Admin > User Admin > Student Enrolment.

In future, can you try and post one question in each thread, as it makes searching and discussion easier.

Hope this all helps.