Editing report section twig.html

I am editing modules/Reports/templates/reports/internalAssessmentByCourse.twig.html in order to change some of the text in my report using the Internal Assessment by Course section. But the changes do not reflect. For example, I changed Courses to CoursesX (as a test), and regenerated the report, but no change. You can also see I am trying to replace the word Attainment with a dot.

What determines the order in which the columns are displayed? In my case Class, Exams, Total, Position, Grade, Remarks? The order in which they were created? Can I change the order?


Hi Tieku, there is a caching system for Twig templates. The built-in editor in the Manage Assets page will automatically clear cache when making changes to a template. If you are editing templates manually in your filesystem, you can use the System Admin > Cache Manager to select Report cache and clear it. Alternatively, when an installation is set to Development mode in System Settings, all caching is disabled, which can be handy if you are developing templates on a local installation and then uploading them to production.

That did it. Thanks