Editing Application Form


I’m looking to create an incredibly simplified application form. If I don’t need certain items, It’s as simple as going to /modules/students/applicationform.php and deleting or commenting out the stuff I don’t need right? Will I run into any database errors if I do it that way?


At some point we might add in some customisation options: you could comment out certain fields, and it might work…can’t make any promises, you’ll just have to test it out. And the changes will be overwritten each time you upgrade to a new version.

A better option might be to disable the application form, and use the Registration option instead, as you can see on this Gibbon install: http://gorillapd.org/index.php?q=/publicRegistration.php.



Yeah commenting out didn’t work in terms of submitting. The public registration form is mostly okay for what I need. Is there a way to add phone number or a custom field to it though?

Peter, at the moment this is not possible. You could look at the phone number code in the application form, and its matching process file, and make the changes yourself. Should not be too hard. You will simply need to make them again after updating. Sorry I can’t offer more of a solution for now, as v13 has gone through its pre-release feature freeze, and we are focused on testing to get the best quality code to you when v13 comes out (January 20th). Cheers.

Hi Admin,

How can i make turn my registration or application form like this: http://gorillapd.org/index.php?q=/publicRegistration.php. i am getting confused on the thousand options i have infront of me any help is much appreciated :). Thanks

Hello, at the moment there is no ability to easily customise the application form to make it simpler. This is, we know, a concern for a number of schools, and something we are hoping to address in v22 (due to be released June 20th 2021). We can’t make any promises at the moment, however in terms of timing.

You can always edit the PHP that makes up the application form, and its related process script, but this will be overwritten every time you update Gibbon.

The public registration form is, by design, simpler than the full application form, as it does not include parent/family/medical/other information. It is useful for installations where it is desirable for members of the public to sign up, rather than apply.