Edit Student ID Card

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to edit the information that is displayed on the Student ID Card. If so how do I do that.
Thank you in advance,


Hi Juank,

You can indeed edit this information, but looking at the file /modules/Students/report_students_IDCards.php.

However, any changes you make will be overwritten by the next update of Gibbon, and so you’ll need to recreate them after each update.



Hello Ross,
Is there a video tutorial that shows how this can be done?

Sadly not, as we tend not to recommend people hack the core unless they know what they are doing…in which case a video is less necessary! What fields are you trying to add to the card? Ross

Hello Ross,
I completely understand your position. My query really has to do with the orientation of the ID card itself, also I was hoping to remove a couple of fields, like the year group and date of birth. Also is there anyway of putting a barcode to be scanned on the ID card?

In terms of removing fields it should be as straightforward as locating the fields within the file mentioned above, and removing them. If you are familiar with HTML this should be achievable. In terms of bar codes, Gibbon has no facility to generate barcodes at the moment, and so that would be trickier. What do you want the barcode to represent? The username? Cheers!