edeting php codes

Hii all,
Sorry to ask silly questions as Im complete beginner and i luckily found this college management system so i started with this only.

i wanted to change size of dashboard (main box which contain all parameters).
and want to add saturday classes.
also making any changes in php code is not reflecting in browser why?

Hi steuxnet, no need to apologise: we are all beginners in one thing or another.

For the dashboard size change, this can most likely be achieved in /themes/Default/css/main.css, but may require some inline style in /functions.php. We are refactoring themes in v18 and v19, and this this will most likely change in the future.

To add Saturday classes, take a look under Admin > School Admin > Manage Days of the Week.

For PHP changes, it is possible your PHP server version has some kind of caching in place.

In future, please can you try and ask individual questions in separate threads, as this makes it easier for other users to find answers.

Thanks, and good luck : )


thanks that was great response.
ill take care about questioning next time.