Easier tracking of db issues

Hi folks,

A few days ago I got the complaint by a teacher not being able to enter scores in the markbook anymore. He just got an empty page trying to enter data. Gibbon was just fine except for this issue.

Checking the mysql log files I was able to track it down to a corrupted table. In this case it was gibbonMarkbookEntry. Apparently self repair failed for unknown reasons.

Is there a way to ease the search for issues like that?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to add a db check in “System Check”, where the database is checked and issues reported? What do you think?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

Sounds interesting, I haven’t run into any corrupted table problems :confused: Providing more troubleshooting tools for these cases would certainly be handy. Is this something you’d be interested in coding up for the System Check page?


Hi Sandra,

I don’t know if you are ready to allow shell_exec in Gibbon.

The following could work to at least check db:

include getcwd().“/config.php”;

$output = shell_exec(“mysqlcheck -c -u $databaseUsername -p$databasePassword $databaseName”);

$row = $form->addRow();
$col = $row->addColumn();



Kind regards,